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Spring Fever

Spring fever, telephone hotline, and grand central station has been the feeling around the office this spring.   It has been insanely busy, and we love it.   My office staff report to me that upon checking phone messages, that three or four more calls ring through while checking.  It's incredible- flustering at times, but buiness is growing as quickly as the grass and thats a great thing. 


After finishing a relaxing May long weekend, our team and crews are well rested and back in the 'spring' of things.  Haha, sorry bad joke. 


So many of you have already had some service done and others still on the waiting list.  Here are a few important things to consider: 


new sod or seed 

-water daily for several weeks

-be careful not to cut it too soon after germination

-water again 

-and lots of patience


 weekly grass cutting schedules

-we try to cut your lawn on the same day each week

-please remember to pick up after your furbabies before we cut

-if you'd like us to skip a week, please call the office

-its growing rapidly right now, so it will most likely need to be cut every week

-relax and enjoy the service


 weed control and fertilizer 

-weed control works best after multiple applications

-it IS safe for your pets and children to be on the lawn

-you know its working when your weeds start turning black


So spring has sprung! I've been enjoying walking my dog during this warmer weather- just have to remember my hat and my sun screen! That's all for now, enjoy the outdoors and spend time with your families.  Contact JLC if you need any advice or assistance on your gardens and lawns.  We're happy to help. 



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Our New Website

Normally this time of year we are in a panic to gear up for spring.  We might have spent our winter plowing snow or enjoying some seasonal down time with fewer hours in the office. But when spring hits, we find ourselves overwhelmed with phone calls, taking orders and running around quoting properties, barely keeping up with spring.   This year we're completely prepared and very excited about what is happening at JLC.   In between some ice storms and snowy weather we've been busy prepping for spring. Long hours in the office and shop where we have been servicing all our machines and vehicles, and working on advertising and promoting our company.   Our electronic quoting system and dispatching program is now familiar and we have become faster and more technologically advanced with the software.  So getting out those early bird specials are only click of a button away!

But most of all we are excited about our NEW LOGO and NEW WEBSITE.  Thanks to REM web solutions we've had a great team behind us helping to brand our company into some new, fresh, clean, and smart.  As many of you know, we expanded our Norfolk County division a few  years ago into one that includes the Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo.  This new look is giving us a cutting edge and helping us to attract and fit into this new culture.  But at the same time, it shows our long appreciated clientele of Norfolk that we are always growing and improving our company to better serve the community.  

The website allows you to contact us directly from your phone or computer. You can request a quote, and accept a proposal electronically.  You can see some of our recent works and let us know how we are doing.  Check it out- stay a while on the site! We are proud of it and excited about the new look of JLC. 


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Celia Kirk
May 24, 2017
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